What is Hosting

What is Hosting

Hosting is what makes the web accessible to all. All our websites, data, content needs a place to reside, so that users from around the world can access this information at will. The place where we house this information is called hosting.

Hosting is done on servers that are connected to the internet 24 hours a day at high speed and high bandwidth, so as to be able to handle thousands of requests at the same time. Servers are located in a fast and secure places called data centers.

Hosting is not only about housing your content, it also provides a place to receive and send your emails. So your emails also need to reside on some server connected to the internet to be able to send and receive emails from other users around the world.

Not all servers are good hosts. It depends on many factors. For example a good server should be fast, and should not be over crowded, since all the resources of the server will be shared with different users and their content, a good hosting should have enough resources for all its tenants.

One more issue when choosing a server to host your company’s website and emails, is security. After all your emails are essential to your business, and your website is like your branch on the internet. Security is a major issue on the internet to prevent the theft of your emails or information, as well as to prevent hacking of your services. Even though there is no 100% security on the internet, we are still able to provide our clients with a high level of security, plus backups in case of disaster, so we can recover your data.

Hosting is like real estate on the internet. You need to rent your hosting, usually on a yearly basis, from a good provider who can give you support whenever you need it.

We provide our clients with the best servers located in Europe, with fast hosting, 99.99% uptime, and top quality support.